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Why Charleston Boat Emporium?


Welcome to Charleston Boat Emporium, I'm Gordon Platt. I started the Charleston Boat Emporium in 2004 and have served the boating community for the past 15 years with a convenient place to shop for pre-owned boats. When I was shopping for a used boat in South Carolina, I followed the local classifieds only to find many listings had become outdated. In addition, I had a difficult time scheduling appointments with sellers that would accommodate both our schedules. 


You may have sold --or tried to sell a boat yourself --and found that it is time consuming, or you are just not comfortable promoting your own boat or have the time to sell your boat. We would be honored to sell you a boat or sell your boat. We want to make a buy or selling experience easy. 


Every boat advertised on our yard is for sale and we update our listing daily. The Charleston Boat Emporium is open six days a week to ensure buyers are accommodated on a timely basis. We offer full service by qualified mechanics that are available to check out, or repair your boat. 


Our mission is to create the best pre-owned boat marketplace in the Lowcountry. We offer a friendly atmosphere, top service, and quality pre-owned boats. We are proud sponsors of waterway charitable causes such as the Coastal Conservation Association. Clean Marine, Lady's Anglers fishing for a cure, and many other Green initiatives.


Many of our customers decide to take advantage of the most affordable storage here in Charleston with private access to the Wando River just down the street. I look forward to meeting you at our office.



Gordon Platt 

Charleston Boat Emporium Inc.


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Used Fishing Boats in Charleston “We hope you will take advantage of our services and by your participation create the best pre-owned boat market in the low country.”
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